I have been sorting through some of my stuff recently and rediscovered a small collection of old GRAPHIS magazines. For those of you to young to remember, Graphis was a hugely influencial international design journal published in three languages from 1944 to 2004.

As a student in the 1980’s, I was attracted to the older magazines in the library archive, rather than the more current issues; to me they represented a¬†broader, less technological design world, full of ideas, exporations and auteurs. I do not have many issues of GRAPHIS, but I treasure the ones I have…

The 1960’s and 70’s issues seemed full of more playful designs, unaffected by the current political and social environment that I was growing up in. I realise now just how much some of that work has stuck with me, and little of it had any effect on me back then; as a student, these were curious relics from the years before I was born. Alas.

And the legendary Dik Bruna!

There are a few ads in the magazine too, but this one caught my eye…