Notice the header? You know how I change the typeface every month (go look in the header archive if you haven’t), well now you have a chance to get your typeface up there. This is an open call to showcase new typefaces!

This month I present to you ‘Coalescence’ by Texas-based typographer and bookbinder Becca Hirsbrunner.

Becca says “I created Coalescence as a part of my thesis/final project for my master of fine arts degree from the University of Texas at Arlington. I’ve traveled quite a bit since college, and the design grew out of a beautiful bit of Arabic design, henna patterns, and other details from the pictures I took during my wanderings.

It comes in three versions, each more complicated than the last with dots and swirls and negative areas. At the moment the font only has lower case. I’ve been sketching ideas for capitals ever since completing my degree…but I’ve not yet been able to find a style that matches Coalescence’s current rhythm and personality.


Thanks very much to Becca for allowing me to feature her work here.

So what typefaces have you designed? I would like to feature new work, experiments and non-commercial typefaces once a month – all you have to do is send me an email with a small sample image attached and a little information about your design. Submissions are welcome from professional designers, students and the typographically inclined.

christopher (at) lestaret (dot) com

I will get back touch with you for more samples and information as I update the blog. Of course, any work submitted will be attributed to you, and links to your website/blog/shop will be included. It’s over to you…