It’s time for a little change to the “my type of…” blog. Not a huge one, but one I think may appeal to some. Notice the header? You know how I change the typeface every month (go look in the header archive if you haven’t), well now you have a chance to get your typeface up there. This is an open call to showcase new typefaces!

To start us off I present to you ‘Silver Premium Instant Shoe Shine®’ by London-based graphic designer Trevor Mill.

On his blog, Trevor explains how the design came about ” I wanted a typeface on Friday. One that was spontaneous, exciting and bold. To go against all this computer led straight lineness – to be a bit electric guitar rather than slick programmed synth.”

The perfect antidote to the adonyne type manager I think! Although this is not a fully functioning typeface, it can be used by manually composing each character. Here’s how Trevor has already put this to use:

Trevor has also designed a number of other typefaces which can be viewed in the typeaces category on his blog, along with a great deal of other design, drawings and paintings – go check them out!

Trevor Mill
Silver Premium Instant Shoe Shine®

Thanks very much to Trevor for allowing me to use his work here first!

So what typefaces have you designed? I would like to feature new work, experiments and non-commercial typefaces once a month – all you have to do is send me an email with a small sample image attached and a little information about your design. Submissions are welcome from professional designers, students and the typographically inclined.

christopher (at) lestaret (dot) com

I will get back touch with you for more samples and information as I update the blog. Of course, any work submitted will be attributed to you, and links to your website/blog/shop will be included. It’s over to you…