It’s the holiday season in good old blighty and what better way to celebrate by taking a look at off-season Hunstanton in north Norfolk.

I love this place. It is my nearest resort (about 15 miles away) and spend lots of time at the beach and in the town, and consume a rather fulsome amount of fish’n’chips! Sunny Hunny as it is affectionately known is a thriving seaside town, unlike many others which become ghost towns during the winter months, but its fairground holiday entertainments must inevitably close up for the off-season.

I must confess to a liking of seaside towns in the off-season. There is something sad and desolate about these places that for most people hold strong memories of long-gone summer holidays. It is a little like a forest in winter, bare, fragile and exposed, waiting for the first signs of spring so that it can burst into life once more. 

Thes images were taken late morning on 2nd January this year during a long walk to blow away some of the festive lethargy that had settled.

I will be back in Hunny soon with more summery images!