I spent a very pleasant early summer sunday morning at Castle Rising with Mrs.Lestaret and my two daughters, Upper and Lower Case. The castle proudly claims to be the finest 12th century Norman Keep in the country, and rightly so. What’s more amazing is that it is still privately owned by the Howard Family since 1544!

After the usual excited roaming and exploring, I got stuck in to recording the various carved graffiti, with much tut-tutting and rolling of eyes from my long-suffering family.

I assume (because of it’s position near the floor and its consistency) this is a more official inscription following some restorations…

W.T. made a decent stab at a crossed W, but didn’t quite make the horizontal alignment work. Then again, this was on a downward facing diagonal over the fireplace!

The seventies made their mark but without the elegance…

Just inside the main hall is this stretch of dressed wall which has been a place of opportunity for many over the years, but sadly this overuse has created an erosion far quicker and destructive than time and the elements ever would…

I have taken quite a lot of these types of images over the years – castles, churches and monuments have always been a target for the determined ‘tagger.’ I guess I am a sucker for elegant graffiti and will sort more out for future post!

Castle Rising

So what’s in your neighbourhood?

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