It can hardly be described as a red carpet venue for world premiers, but the Majestic Cinema in King’s Lynn is a jewel amongst a pile of rhinestones. A faded, chipped jewel, but a jewel nontheless. With it’s verdigris copper topped tower (it is on Tower Street you know) and it’s handsome clock, to its rounded facade and arched portico, it certainly looks the part, but like many buildings that are struggling to survive against the rising tide of Hollywood-backed multi-screen extravaganzas offering all kinds of uncomfortable seating in tiny, uncomfortable rooms to watch any number of the latest remakes of the great and the good on screens the size of a bathtowel, this little movie house is a little battered and bruised by comparison to these new cinematographic behemoths.  Golly. I don’t know where that little tirade came from.

When you step inside the  portico any earlier aesthetic judgements are null and void. On the floor in grey and black marble is an elegant mosaic about six feet long:

It is tightly laid with very finely cut detailing shown above. I have included a large scale image assembled from a number of photographs. Click on it to see it much bigger!

It’s not all mosaics though. I’d love to say that this was the first of many delights to be found but there is nothing on the scale of this. There are some neat stained glass windows though, including this curiously arranged date…

Majestic Cinema
Majestic Cinema Wikipedia

So what’s in your neighbourhood?

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