Bath Spa by Luke Florio

At the bottom of the Avon Valley surrounded by steep hills lies Bath, the historic Spa resort established by the Romans in 43 CE and extensively developed during a Georgian era boom – when many of the well known and lavish architectural landmarks (such as the Royal Crescent and The Circus) were put in place. The predominantly classical buildings are made from the local Bath Stone – its warm honey colours providing beautiful contrasts with the sky, be it cheerful or ominous.

In the short time that I have lived here (a year) I have enjoyed taking in the atmosphere – on strolls passed the grand and orderly classical terraces, through beautifully kept parks and gardens and into the busy town centre where the streets throng with crowds of tourists, street sellers and performers.

Above the entrance to the Pump Rooms – “Greatest however [is] water”

The Great West Doors of Bath Abbey – “Behold how good and how pleasing it is”

Away from these very well tended landmarks can be found some shabbier streets, a bit rough around the edges and all the more charming for it – where independently run outfits, such as antique and second hand clothes shops, tattoo parlours and food places bring colour, variety and a down to earth feel to the area. Above these shops, the commercial history of the town can be seen in fading adverts painted on the stone walls.

Quiet beauty is witnessed along the canal – whose reflections show the tall terraces and their back gardens – and down the many hidden, winding roads and pathways.


Map of Bath Spa
Bath Botanical Gardens
City Of Bath 

Luke Florio

Many thanks for these great images Luke – it is great to see some of the less obvious visuals from places like Bath – keep them coming!

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