Milwaukee Ave / Division Street
by Chuck Wazoo

This street was originally a Native American Indian trail leading to and from Milwaukee to Chicago. This Polish neighbourhood is where the vast majority of the Polish community has lived and socialised, however, nowadays it hosts many independent galleries and shops next to the affluent and trendy area of Wicker park. This is Greenwich Village of Chicago. The street has been used as a filming location on several occasions, such as ‘High Fidelity’ starring John Cusack as a record store owner.

Typographically there is a wealth of hand rendered signage and vintage advertising left on many of the brickwork buildings. Modern shops replicate the past within their own branding creating a fantastic warm and human aesthetic to the whole area. Many cafes and restaurants thrive; selling freshly made food to eat on the sidewalk or take out. Much of the packaging has been carefully crafted and or older brands retain much of their heritage. Well worth a visit if you’re in Chicago, as it’s off the beaten track away from tourists and the busy shopping areas.


Milwaukee Ave / Division Street
Local music (from poster within photographs)
The Boring Store

Shopping Guide
High Fidelity

Thanks for sharing these images of the real ‘downtown’ Chuck- it is really refreshing to see a more honest side of America.

So what’s in your neighbourhood?

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