Italian Igino Marini has digitized a collection of historic typefaces collectively known as The Fell Types. These classical faces are the legacy of John Fell, Bishop of Oxford in the seventeenth century, an early publisher, collector of European founts and a commissioner of new founts.

Marini has created an excellent web resource, with histories, references and links and it is clear by the level of detail the site contains that this has been a real labour of love. As a  collection of historic  fonts, they are very alluring. I am now waiting for that design project where an authentic ‘old style’ is called for. This will be where I will start.

There are six main types as well as a floral decorative collection:

Each face comes with an italic too, which is where things become even more alluring:

And those ampersands, well, they sing like choirs of typographic angels…

All of the fonts are free to download, but he has requested to be credited for his work, which is as it should be.

Igino Marini
John Fell and the Oxford University Press
History of Western typography